Sunday, 21 December 2008

Fa la la

Christmas seems to have finally arrived here at Little Glowing Lights. I hadn't planned on a tree at all this year, but woke up with one on my mind. It smells amazing and looks so comforting this evening with the lights on. All I need is some festive music, my choice Maybe This Christmas by Ron Sexsmith.


Cheryl said...

How pretty! I love the smell of a christmas tree! This is a rare year we haven't had one, but at least we were able to pick up an artificial one to give us some cheer. Merry Christmas! xx

littlebyrd said...

Your tree looks wonderful! Great choice on the music too - I love Ron Sexsmith. I hope it was a merry one for you!

Julie said...

Hope you had a great christmas. Love Ron Sexsmith.