Monday, 22 December 2008

Wish List Pt 2 (a little closer to home)

1. Donna Hay No Time to Cook - It's not really that I have no time, but all the recipes in this book look so easy but amazing too.

2. Mimco satchel - I love this A LOT! So smart and not as big as the current bag I lug along everywhere.

3. Tealight holders super cute in the birch timber.

4. Silk shirt perfect for summer - if it ever arrives.

5. Blackboard labels - perfect for jars, and I love the leaf shapes.

6. Button candle - rather quirky but all the colours are so sweet together.

7. Teacup brooch - because I drink lots of tea now.

8. Shoes - these shoes are great kinda half sandal, half ballet slipper.

9. Last but in no way least, perhaps in fact on the top of my wish list! Tickets to see The Swell Season at the Sydney Opera house in would be so amazing.


Michelle said...

Lot's of lovely things there...

potty mouth mama said...

I love those birch tea lights too.. Very cool. That silk shirt would be perfect for this stinking humid weather.