Wednesday, 10 December 2008

The Little Glowing Lights Wish List (international)

This list is perhaps a little redundant right now given the rather sad state of our dollar (postage is a killer!). However there are still so many lovely things I covert from afar.

1. Toast cushion – actually I think it would be pure bliss to have a pair of pillowcases on the bed in this print.

2. Marc Jacobs Watch – I’ve called the Australian stockist on this one and it’s impossible to get here right now. Nordstroms why don’t you ship to Australia!

3. Betsy Walton print – so gorgeous

4. Lines and Shapes - Volume 5

5. Chickadee vase

6. Earrings

7. Vintage Bag


8. Georgeous plate


Cheryl said...

Those earring are my favorite...even if I don't wear earrings often because I am always always losing them! International shipping does stink, although I think etsy is the best for this! yay! Your christmas biscuits sounds yummy.

Rachel said...

Could I have everything on your list? Especially that bag? It's all lovely.

blackie said...

Yep, the exchange rate is giving me quite a few 'boo hoo i wanna' moments lately. My list is getting looooong! Especially now I have all those to add.

Sally said...

Lovely things! - especially the plate and the Betsy Walton :)

Joanna Goddard said...

love the vintage bag! it's so pretty and the perfect shape.