Friday, 6 March 2009


Happy Friday.
We are headed into another long weekend and I plan to take it very easy, spend some quality time in my pj's : ) I thought I'd share some links of my favourite things right now:

* Wonderful winter poster set
* Definitely on the top of my shopping list - henrietta clutch
* New stationary to covet
* placemats - well they are just so gorgeous!

Have a great weekend


mehta said...

Nice Stuff!

Commendable Blog indeed!

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littlebyrd said...

Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!

Rachel said...

I want those socks! And your hardwood floors, and your baseboard.

rinse repeat said...

Fabulous placemats! I dig you socks, too!

Jac said...

Ha! Love the jim jams! Nothing like quality time over a weekend in your P.J's. Love your links, there are so many lovely things out there. Have a wonderful relaxing weekend! :)

Meg said...

I heart your heart socks.