Monday, 4 May 2009

This Weekend...

I made lemon curd, it was brilliant on toasted crumpets and I’m planning on making some mini lemon tarts. I had forgotten how good Delia Smith recipes are.
Hummingbird necklace – a birthday gift I had to share. I absolutely love it.
Paper dots - I am pretty sure I drove my neighbours crazy hammering holes in all these with the eyelet tool, it definitely required some loud music to drown out! They are for something I am working on right now.

Also some links to share:
I love (really love) Elizabeth’s raindrops
A cute peacock t-shirt
Happy tape - something the whole world has blogged about but I am in l-u-v-e!
Pretty sure I've posted this link before but I still love everything here


Jac said...

mmm lemon curd is very tasty! I'm curious to know what your dots are for, I'm sure your neighbours would appreciate such creative endeavours!! :)

Eef said...

That's a great necklace you have there! Love your blog too. I always enjoy watching!

Rachel said...

Mmmmm...lemon curd makes me happy. Your necklace is beautiful too!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore lemon curd!! So delicious!! What is your recipe??

Robin said...

I looove your necklace.
I've been wanting to try making lemon curd. For some reason it really intimidates me though. Is it difficult?

wide open spaces said...

ummm - your weekend was adorable.

and reading about that lemon curd makes me want to go make scones. Yum!