Sunday, 24 May 2009

This Weekend

It's hopeless when you make plans for a weekend and then you get struck down by a nasty sinus infection, yuk! I think I slept most of yesterday and today I feel like my head is full of weights. No matter, I had a peaceful afternoon, made a french lemon cake and drank mint and green tea, and went through the little pieces of liberty fabric given to me by my mum (she has a very impressive collection) - I'm too scared to use them just yet, they are so pretty! I think I will make some little birds with it.


koralee said...

My goodness. ...what a lovely blog you have...your sweet little creations inspire...i will go over and look at your never know what i may find...i am so glad to meet you....hope you are feeling much better soon...lovely lovely fabric!!!

Meg said...

Hope you feel better soon, Catherine. xx

kee and fi said...

what lemon cake recipe do you follow? i made a lemon tart on the weekend and it was received well by all who scoffed it. we have heaps of lemons at the moment (from a friend's tree) so would love to make a cake if you have time to post the recipe or direct me to the book? Cheers!

Jenny said...

wow, nice pics
sorry to hear you were sick, but maybe you needed a restful weekend

the fabric looks lovely just sitting there - maybe you could put it in one of those fishbowl vases and just enjoy it for a while

world of interiors - yum!

I second the lemon cake recipe request

how were the two new albums?

the nick cave retrospective on RAGE on the weekend was fab

Martina said...

Aw Catherine...shame about your weekend plans..hope you are feeling better...the lemon cake looks scrummy and I can't wait to try the recipe~

Jac said...

Oh poor you! I've only had a sinus infection once and it was so painful.I really hope by now that you'll be feeling much better. Your cake looks super pretty, I love the shape and it looks delicious also! :)