Friday, 8 May 2009

Very Good Mail Day

I have had an exceptionally good mail day today, receiving a package of beautifully made goods from the very generous and lovely Rebekah. The mittens are gorgeous and I love the green of the felted wool that she has made the tissue cover and cup holder from. Visit her handmade store here and vintage store here (so many wonderful items, she has the best eye for thrifting).

A very good start to the weekend, I hope everyone has a great one too.
Catherine x


Karen said...

That definitely sounds like a wonderful mail day! She has such great things in her shops :)

Jac said...

So great to get nice mail, especially on a dull day, it's just the thing to brighten your day. Your mittens look lovely, I'll be going to check out her shop, not that I need mittens in the summer, ok maybe in the UK summer I may need mittens!