Monday, 22 June 2009

Four Things

I kind of liked this tag that Cheryl, Martina and Fi did, so I’m going to have a go, feel free to join in too!

4 things I’m looking forward to:
*Seeing Handmade Nation on Saturday and visiting the Crafty exhibition
*My Diana Edelweiss arriving in the mail
*finding a new book to read – any suggestions?
*spring/summer (still months off I know, but I live in hope of some sunshine)

4 things I did yesterday:
* grocery shopping while listening to obscure radiohead tracks on my ipod (ie the bonus disc from the In Rainbows vinyl set – it’s really good)
* enjoyed some mint and green tea and an original glazed krispy kreme donut (purchased on the way back from Melbourne)
* had a little sleep in
* ironing (ugh yuk!)

4 things I wish I could do:
* stay on holidays for much much longer (while still getting paid of course!)
* play an instrument, maybe the drums! Something loud anyway.
* buy a house, but sadly not on the agenda for a while yet
* have a permanent job, being on a contract at a time like this is awful!

4 TV shows I watch:
* Masterchef – again I admit I am strangely hooked.
* Grand Designs
* Rage – on Saturday afternoons on abc2 when it’s the guest programmers (I no longer stay up till 3am watching as I once did). My favourite programmer was Malcolm McLaren, he played some fantastic stuff.
*Teachers – even though it is just repeats I still love it.

4 places I want to travel to:
* Tokyo
* Paris
*New York
*London – yep right now it’s the big four.

4 places I’ve lived – well I’ve only lived in the same state, so I’m changing this to 4 songs I love right now:
* Up on the Ladder - from above mentioned Radiohead cd
* The Trapeze Swinger – Iron and Wine
* Daniel – Bat for Lashes
* Back to the Start - Lily Allen


Cheryl said...

Fun to read. Happy you jumped in. I like how you switched up places for songs. I have been listening to Radiohead alot again after not having listened to this favorite band for awhile. Ironing is sucko! But I am always happy when it's done and away.

Heather said...

Runaway by Alice Munro is beautiful.

Martina said...

Like your 4 things Catherine! Have you read any Kate Atkinson? I would recommend any of her books. If you haven't read The Shadow of the Wind must! By Carlos Ruiz Zafon - really good and I am reminded of it as, after a number of years, his second book has just been published and is coming on holidays with me! Hope your first week back flies by!

Sarah B said...

Fun to read. Regarding books, one of my all time favourites is The Time Traveller Wife by Nancy ? (sorry, can't remember!) Brilliant, brilliant book. I know Fullers have it.

Sarah said...

Right now I am reading The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski which is quite different from anything I have read but it's really good. And I recently finished reading A Fraction of the Whole by Steve Toltz which was fantastic.
Also just finished finished the Wilco book - Learning how to Die by Greg Kot which was insightful!

Michelle said...

Fun read! I'm jealous of your new Holga- can't wait to see what you come up with!

I've just read the Sweet Life in Paris - David Lebowitz, it's fantastic-you'd love it!

kee and fi said...

oh wow - can't wait to see photos from your new camera - i'd love to see how it goes as i've been considering purchasing one (i have WAY too many cameras tho).
my fave book from last year was A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole and I still can't get over how great it was!

Jac said...

oh wow! a new camera - sooo exciting, (can't wait to see what you do with her!). mmmm you know I'm still reading the twilight series, just about onto book 4!