Monday, 1 June 2009


I can’t believe it’s June already, the last six months for me have not been the best so I guess I’m seeing this as a bit of a turning point for better things (hopefully!). Anyway I’m definitely slowing down into hibernation mode, lots of reading and couch time this weekend, and I saw Is Anybody There? with Michael Cane at the cinema yesterday, it was very good but sort of sad in a way. Anyway I am excited that it's june!


Katja said...

That movies looks really interesting, thanks for the tip :) I hope June brings us all lovely things and happy moments.

Jenny said...

Happy June, Catherine. Hope it's the beginning of all new and good things for you. Do you know the koru fern? It's a great NZ symbol of new beginnings, life.
I love the tulips - a lovely photo.

Enjoy your cosy hibernation - look forward to seeing new cakes, new craft, new books and music!

littlebyrd said...

Slowing down is good. I am wishing better times ahead for you :)

bethany said...

June is a fabulous restarting point. I'm sure June (and the second half of the year) will bring you nothing but sunshine and cheer. :) It sounds like you've earned it after six months of blah!


Martina said...

I'm sad that you've had a rough old time of it Catherine but hopefully soon you'll be happy as a happy thing - good stuff will find you! Sending hugs :)