Sunday, 21 June 2009

Winter Break

Hi there,

So I am back from my little winter break. It was my first proper Melbourne trip for a while (work trips definitely don't count!) and I went with my parents (first trip with them in about 10 years), it was lovely to wander around, visit new shops and take in the warm air and sunshine that we were lucky to have.

We had some amazing meals, including one at Flower Drum which was without a doubt the best meal I have ever had (peaking duck, salt and pepper squid and melt in your mouth szechuan beef). And because we seem to have been drawn into the Masterchef series, we tried The Press Club. It was an impressive restaurant, very smart but relaxing and enjoyable.

I did a fair bit of shopping of course, visited Chapel St Bazaar which was fantastic (where I saw a polaroid I really should have taken and baulked at the price of fowlers vacola jars - $22! There are generally only $2), and so many other shops. I went to the art gallery but the line was so long for Dali and I'd seen an exhibition of his only a few years ago, so I didn't worry in the end.

It was great to get away, definitely much needed. Tomorrow it's back to work and reality , I'm dreading it but resolved not to let it get me down.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.



Martina said...

Sounds like you had a lovely trip - so glad you enjoyed it!

littlebyrd said...

I love seeing your pictures! It looks like so much fun and beautiful :)
Welcome home.

Sarah B said...

Sounds like a lovely mini break. I'm off there in 6 weeks and looking forward to Dali and great window shopping.
Hope work is not too painful to return to!

koralee said...

So glad you are back .....thanks for sharing with us...

Philippine Realty said...

my favorite season of the year.. winter!