Friday, 4 September 2009


Happy friday!
This week was a good one, I saw The Young Victoria which I really enjoyed. I'm a complete sucker for a period romance piece, and who knew prince albert was that appealing! I’ve been listening to the new Neil Finn 7 World's Collide album which is sweet, and why is it when you are saving you always find things you just HAVE to have, like this pretty blue bag on etsy (which has already sold!), and lots of new Poppies for Grace stationery - in particular the 2010 desk calendar.

Have a wonderful weekend


pretty flowers and spaces for a friday:
1. It's Beautiful Here (or, getting there)., 2. garden rose, 3. decor - flower jars, 4. The Master Bed


Melissa A. said...

I don't know how I missed that movie. Thanks for sharing the link. I am definately going to rent this one on Netflix. Have a happy weekend!

Casie said...

My 30/30 challenge is to gear me up for the 10,000 steps. We start in October. The competitiveness within our workplace is pretty funny and I like the fact that it makes you second guess taking the car, or getting a parking space right out front.

Enjoy your weekend too. Maybe picking up the granny squares will save you from spending ;). Yes they're pink, most importantly they're pretty!

Sarah B said...

Hi Catherine, Thanks for dropping by Molly's Maison. I really enjoyed the September Issue but will have get it on dvd as I unfortunately forgot my glasses so had to sit right up the front and squint.
Good luck with the cushions. To do the zip I think I would sew the zip between the front and back pieces and then fold the two right sides togteher and then sew the other three sides - if that makes sense! (just in case you want to try it)
ps The pics on this post are GORGEOUS!!

jess said...

beautiful photos -

That movie looks lovely, I've added it to my netflix queue (:

Anna said...

The desk calender is lovely and not too much money, maybe if you reach your savings goal you can buy the cath kidston stuff and the calender. I really want to see that movie and we're going tonight unfortunately though it's G's pick and apparently we're seeing District 9, hmph.

bethany said...

I just watched the trailer for The Young Victoria...and as a fellow sucker for period romances, I feel the need to watch it this very instant! Emily Blunt looks fantastic. Thanks for the recommendation!

And also...beautiful bag. Bummer about that whole saving thing :)

kee and fi said...

those flowers are just divine. ooo spring is tantalisingly close!!!

Katja said...

Lovely collection of images! :) I loved The Young Victoria too! (I adore Emily Blunt!)