Wednesday, 20 January 2010

ok... now I'm back properly!

Hi there,

Please excuse my little break, it really wasn’t intentional but I only came home to my flat late last night after house-sitting/kitty-sitting and I’ve learnt that blogging from a foreign computer is just not something I can do!

I wanted to share a few links, I love all these things so much:

* Lena's vintage napkins - the print is gorgeous
* Ingrid's house on sfgirlbybay, so amazing
* pink clouds by Alessandra, so pretty and dreamy, and I am so tempted : )
* Stephanie's little leaves

oh yeah and I've been listening to Ian Brown's My Way which i'm really liking a lot.

I hope everyone's having a great week!


Jac said...

Oooh lovely links Catherine. I forgot you were off house sitting this week. Hope you are having a lovely week and the sun is shining - it's cold and grey today...

Amanda said...

Great links! I had seen Ingrid's lovely home the other day via Flickr but hadn't yet seen the link you shared so thanks! Isn't her home so beautifully decorated - so homely :) Hope work has been treating you kindly. Love the kitty cat paw shot - I've admired that rug of yours before - I would love to get something similar for our place x

Sarah B said...

Nice to have you back properly! I like the puss piccy - the rug so takes me back to my childhood with my nan and great aunt!
FYI, there is a new market starting up at Rosny Barn. Google the Barn Market Blogspot - it's also on Facebook.

la casita said...

oh that furry legs, so cute...thanks for linking :)))

bethany said...

Oh goodness...isn't blogging from someone else's computer terrible? It's like trying to cook in a stranger's kitchen. You just can't find anything you need! :)

Love that pillow with the pom on the prior very sweet! :)

Martina said...

You're back...I missed you :) Those napkins are definitely special, I agree! Enjoy the rest of your week!