Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Simply Paris

um…I’m not entirely sure where Monday went…oh wait yes I spent most of the day using the photocopier at work ugh, dull, dull!

So I have a bit of a thing about Paris at the moment, I suppose every girl does at some stage. Anyway last year when Jen went there I loved her images so much and now she has produced a little book, it looks wonderful and I can’t wait for it to arrive in my letterbox!


Anonymous said...

I hear you! I am in a serious Paris phase too, so a cute book full of beautiful images of France is just what I need! It looks lovely, enjoy looking through it and dreaming of being as far away from that photocopier as possible.

Sarah B said...

I hear you too! I think I am permanently in a Paris phase! I was in the city for about 2 days about 12 years ago and have been obsessing since!
The book sounds great.
FYI Catherine, you mentioned the Sorell Market - just so you know it is always better on a long weekend - they hold it on the Monday and get some stall holders from other markets.

Amanda said...

I have had a love of all things Parisian ever since visiting that beautiful city! Jen's book looks lovely - am off to check out those links. Hope the rest of your week goes well and you have some less 'mundane' work tasks to keep you busy :)

Jac said...

Photocopying = dullsville - poor you! Love the book though, I'll be going and checking out your link, as the photos look beautiful... :)

bethany said...

Copiers...gag. :( But Paris certainly does know how to tug at certain heartstrings. Really makes me feel the wanderlust! :)

la casita said...

A while ago I lived in Paris as a student and I have no words to explain to you how magical it was!