Monday, 8 March 2010


Lots of grey around at the moment, it's been so hot and humid, but there are little bits of colour. I just had a long weekend and did absolutely nothing worth writing about, just lots of sleeping, watching old episodes of Sex and the City and washing. It was relaxing if nothing else.


It followed me home said...

Hey, I know what you mean, I didn't do anything this long weekend worth writing about either. Although it's nice just to relax.

I made your French Lemon Cake again. Twice actually, the 1st time, I rushed it and used plain flour and to top it off i dusted it with corn flour - iiiiidoit! The 2nd was devoured by the end of the day!
Perhaps, i should have spent the weekend labeling my pantry items.

SaRaH said...

Oh girls
I wish i had such lovelies week end.
To much work for me. In 2 weeks time, I'll do just like you!

Cassie said...

Who is the handsome grey in the final photo infront of all the gorgeous looking flowers!

la casita said...

love those knitted stuff...and the cat, ahhh gorgeous!

Sarah B said...

Aren't those bike rack cosies cute? I saw them the other day. It sounds like you had a great weekend - I didn't do much either. Went to the Market market and sorell market in the rain! Bit of a lazy one for both of us!

Amelia said...

Angus is very cute. You can tell he is VERY well looked after xo

Amanda said...

I think it's important to have those relaxing weekends every now and then to recharge. When I was in the early stages of being pregnant with Grace, I spent most of my afternoons lying on the couch watching old Sex and the City episodes :)

Jac said...

Looks like we both had a quiet one! I love your photos with the knitting on the bike racks - so sweet.

It's cool that you'd already seen the 500 pencils site. I don't know whether I would want to use them or just store them if I decided to get them, I keep clicking back to the site to look at them lol!

I'm glad you've still got some nice weather, it's just starting to get a little spring like here - hooray!

koa .- said...

Hi there,
beautiful space, loved your pictures!
hope you don't mind I took your blog's name :)

kisses from buenos aires!