Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Good Mail Day

My copy of Sundays are for Lovers arrived, it is wonderful, so many lovely pictures. I have such a big list of books I'd love to order right now including:

Great British Food from Canteen
Paris Made by Hand
this lovely copy of Jane Eyre
Megan Morton's Home Love and
The Selby Is In Your Place.

Winter feels like the perfect time for ordering books! I'd love to know what's on other people's lists?


Amanda said...

Looks like a great coffee table book. Home Love and Paris Made By Hand are on my wishlist too. Angus and Robertson's online store has a 20% off sale and free postage until Saturday at the moment. I'll forward you the email... Also, tagged you in a little blogging game at my blog but please don't feel pressured to have to play along. Hope you're having a great week x

sarah said...

i just got my copy this week as well, so wonderful, it's making me smile...

Indie.Tea said...

I have that copy of Jane Eyre...I bought the set around Christmas time. Its gorgeous, and looks lovely together.
I also just bought two books yesterday: "The Glass Room" by Simon Mawer, which was so interesting that I stayed up until 4 am to finish it...and Illustrado by Miguel Syjuco, and I received a book of lovely polaroids prints by one of my favorite polaroid-photographers. On my to-buy list is "Ottolenghi: The Cookbook".
(hope you dont mind the very long comment)