Monday, 22 November 2010


Ahh another monday done and dusted, is it bad to say I am counting them down till christmas? I need the break more than anything, and I don't think the next few weeks are going to slow down!

So I starting doing some searches for places to visit on my trip next year (I know it's still a loooong way off!), which led me to the Tate online store and these prints by Natsko Seki. They are so great, I had to share.


Sarah B said...

The prints are lovely and don't worry, Christmas will be here before we know it :)
When I went to Europe (quite afew years ago now) I went to all the big galleries and museums and often found myself going straight to the gallery shop! They were wonderful, but so were the galleries :)

Casie said...

Somehow I missed the bit where you were in Syd & Mel and mentioned your next trip to Europe.

I too will be in Europe next Easter! I have no idea where of course, but woo hoo for us. Europe!!

It'll be my first time. I'm a little excited.

Martina said...

Hmmm! Seems I missed something - I didn't know you were travelling to exciting for you! When are you going and where...reveal all??

Kristi said...

the colors are just perfect.