Monday, 17 January 2011

This Weekend

Sorry for the radio silence here, last week was just one of those weeks that was draining on quite a number of levels. the weekend was exactly what I needed: a good mix of brilliant warm sunshine, knocking off a few things on my to do list, reading, and time with friends. I made a nice big batch of raspberry jam too, now I’m thinking of making home-made crumpets for the first taste test. Has anyone made them before? They look a little time consuming..

(all pictures from my mum's where I've been house-sitting for the last week)


Sarah B said...

Glad to see you got your jam made. Crumpets do sound very tricky - will be keen to see how you go with them and if they taste like the shop ones :)
Your mum's garden looks lovely.

Claire said...

Ohhhhh that jam looks yummy! I've been jamming, pickling and making sauerkraut(!) lately. So much fun. I'm planning a big batch of apricot jam soon :-)

I'd love to see how your crumpets go!!! I love them with butter and vegemite.

Jane Flanagan said...

Mmm raspberry jam is my fave! Glad you're feeling better. Wishing you a lovely week!

cowdog said...

Rasperry jam... yummy!

About the crumpets: I've seen the "hairy bakers" making them on bbc and it didn't look too complicated.
Here's their recipe:

Lil said...

Totally try to make crumpets! I made some a while back ( and they weren't difficult at all, just time consuming (lots of waiting for yeast to work). If you can't find a recipe to try online then I can share the one I used (I got it online somewhere but can't remember where).

Rachel said...

Mmmm ... that jam looks lovely! Hope this week is better to you.

Lucent Imagery said...

Yes, it was one of those weeks here in Australia, wasn't it? Love your blog. Hope you have a lovely week.

Amanda said...

I was just admiring the pot in the second photo and about to write 'haven't seen this nook in your home before' when I read that you were housesitting :) Hope you've had fun staying at your Mum's. Your jam looks yummy - we have a few jars Paul's Nan gave us for Christmas and they are so delicious.

pen said...

crumpets aren't hard at all- though they take a little practice
I make the batter the night before and then bung the mix in the fridge, next morning I stir through the bi-carb/water mix and start cooking
i cook both sides on a griddle and if they are a bit thick I pop them in the oven to cook them through
they are great to freeze and then you can toast them in the toaster
well worth it!
the girls at trotski and ash have posted a recipe but if you can get your hands on a copy of Time Life The Good Cook- Bread it takes you through it
drop me a line and I can mail you a photocopy....

Anna said...

that jam looks great.

i've never made crumpets before, but i did rip out a recipe from a jamie oliver magazine awhile ago intending to do it... one day perhaps. look forward to seeing how yours go if you get a chance.