Tuesday, 5 April 2011


I’ve wishfully been thinking about a new sofa for quite a long time now, a few weeks ago I even nearly purchased a smart cream-ish coloured one from laura Ashley, but then I got the sample fabric home and it had just a little too much silky gold in the weaving for my liking. So now I’m on the hunt again, trust me searching for furniture like this in Hobart is near impossible, likewise looking on the web because of the freight to get it here! Anyway I saw this one on coco republic and rather liked the syle and the colour (I hadn't thought of this colour till I saw this one), here it is with a few other bits I'd love to go with it.

coco republic sofa
coffee table
photographic print from treefox
rachel castle embroidery
missoni blanket


Amanda said...

It's hard enough searching here in Perth so I imagine Hobat is even more difficult. I like your choices above, especially the Missoni blanket. I have my eye on a round coffee table for our family room too :)

Jane Flanagan said...

I love that shade - it's one of my favourite colours to decorate with because you can play warm creams or silver greys off it, so it can be warm and cozy or cool and modern! It's definitely going to be my next sofa colour!

It followed me home said...

Such a beautiful colour and lovely shape.

Oh that elusive perfect sofa, I've almost given up. The one I love costs more than what my car is worth.
Will have to put up with my lumpy one for a bit longer; beating the bejeesus out of it just to get it sitting straight and pouffy, doubles as cheap therapy.

captain kk said...

all looks ace to me! maybe i'll just have to finally do a winnebago trip over to tassie on the spirit of tasmania some day soon & stuff a sofa in for you! does that help? x captn
p.s. for my 2 cents i say go with a medium / dark coloured sofa so you can put your feet up & eat & drink on it without fear!

captain kk said...

you know about this one too right?

amourette said...

love missoni home collection!

Brittany H. said...

I've been searching for a sofa for two years. Sigh..and the hunt goes on. The one that you've got pictured here is super cute. You can't go wrong with grey.

Thanks for stoppin' by my blog!

Briar Stanley {Sunday Collector} said...

Hi Catherine, have you got Oz Design Furniture in Tas?
Believe it or not, they have a lovely couch very similar to the Coco shape above! Briar x

Sarah B said...

It's so frustrating, isn't it? There's really not very choice at all. I love the look of the Coco one, the colour is great, but are they washable? I'm despertae for new covers for my good old Ikea sofa.
Was great chatting to you the other day. No, you didn't keep us late and yes, it's a very nice show. I'm off again this weekend :)
You were lucky to have David Keeling as your art teacher. I bought some paints yesterday bt have a feeling I'm going to get very frustrated. It has been such a long time since I've painted.
Anyway, good luck with your sofa search!

fifi said...

oh same! we have just two armchairs in our living room! we neeeeed a new sofa. and this time we dont' want one that looks good, but also is very comfy!!! let us know if you make any discoveries....its a jungle out there, no?

Sarah B said...

Hi Catherine, just to let you know, the postcards came from moo.com They're a good site and you can print as many different images on the cards as you like. The quality is really nice as well.

Home Lighting said...

It's really not easy to search for the perfect sofa especially if there are so many choices to choose from. When I purchased mine, I just knew that it's the one when I saw it :). That gray sofa looks comfortable and easy to match with any design and decor. I also love that little lamp though I would prefer a different color like pastel pink or yellow to make a statement. :) May you find your perfect sofa soon!