Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Wish list: brights

because it's winter and I need some brights to get me through!

canvas bag
michi fat carpenter pencils
Jonsi, Alex and Kjartan poster (I have ordered one of these and can't wait for it to arrive!)
Detaljer book ( nearly got this in Stockholm but didn't and now I wish I had because you don't seem to be able to purchase it online)
Dior nail varnish in Aloha


Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Can't wait for winter hehe


small catalogue said...

I've been seeking Detaljer as well. It looks divine.

heh said...

It'll be expensive; however, check out this link to see for sale a used copy of your desired book!

oscarlucinda said...

I had my eye on Details ever since it was featured on From Sthlm....If my sister based in the Uk makes a trip to Sweden maybe she'll post us each a copy? ;)