Tuesday, 31 May 2011


So moving on to the next city of my holiday - Barcelona!
I still don't quite know what I think of it, half the time I was so conscious of what everyone, including the hotel (which I highly recommend), had said about pick pockets etc that I think it might have partially clouded my judgment, but in saying that we (my mum and I) had no problems at all and had a lovely time.

I found it so fantastic seeing the Gaudi building's, particularly the Casa Batlló, very cool and I wish we had gone inside but the line was so long and we had already lined up for the Sagrada Família. The Sagrada was a bit incomprehensible for me, the ceiling inside is beautiful but how does someone's brain come up with that, and the fact that it is still being worked on was interesting too.

We visited the Picasso museum housed in a lovely old building and I saw some of his ceramics for the first time, which has been the start of my new found wish to learn how to do that myself! And we had a wander around the botanical gardens in the rain and I learnt that after following my mother around plant nursery's all my life I'm not too shabby on some latin names.

The other big discovery for us in Barcelona was not the architecture or art but finding the COS store! All I can say is my bank balance was a lot lighter after visiting there, and I am heartbroken that there isn't one in Australia : )

The food that we had was a little hit and miss, I had a fantastic cocktail with vodka, apple and ginger and some lovely tapas but a somewhat disappointing paella.

I'm sure there is so much more to do in Barcelona and we only scratched the surface but it was definitely worth visiting.


WSAKE said...

COS... i know... i used to live in a city with one of those stores and i almost went there every week, trying not to buy anything... i really miss it now.

fifi said...

deeply envious :)

Amanda said...

What interesting buildings. I've never been to Barcelona myself.

Sarah B said...

It sounds very interesting and the architecture and art is amazing. I always feel funny about Spain due to their penchant for bullfighting. I won't even buy Spanish olive oil for that reason!
Lively shots as always Catherine. By the way, yes my little doll came from the last Market at the Masonic temple. Her work is very special x

Sarah B said...

Gosh, I meant "lovely" not lively. This darn iPod has the most sensitive keys and sometimes comes out with the strangest words!

small catalogue said...

I do love Barcelona. Thanks so much for the introduction to Cos. I think I may have an addiction.

marjee said...

what a wonderful trip - thanks for allowing us to live it vicariously! Speaking of Spanish fashion, did you see the piece on Hungry Beast (ABC) about Zara? I'd never watched the show before (not being much of a tv person) but found it quite illuminating!