Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Recently Sarah of Mollys Maison and Martina of Six Black Dots (who's got a sparkly new blog!) asked me to share more pics of Jerry Springer Spaniel in all his puppy cuteness. I must point out that Jerry is actually my boyfriend Matt's dog, but still I get to hang out with him.

I also just wanted to let you know that it might to start looking a bit messy here on little glowing lights for a little while, I've been wanting to update the design of this space for ages and so my friend Sam has very kindly agreed to help out.


Anna... said...

Oh my goodeness he is adorable! love a fellow Tasmanian! x

Sarah B said...

He is just the sweetest little guy. I'd just want to cuddle him non stop. Look at those eyebrows!

Amanda said...

Oh my, he's positively adorable - he looks so cuddly!!

Sasha said...

what a sweet dog!

i'm looking forward to seeing the new blog design. i am certainly jealous of those who can design beautiful websites so effortlessly.

Martina said...

Hello!! I'm in love with Jerry...he has the best eyebrows ever! He is adorable and I want to cuddle him right now! Oscar and Sadie are very jealous ;) Glad you like the new look blog! Looking forward to seeing what you and Sam do...I am sure it will be amazing!