Sunday, 13 January 2013

double poppy

This weekend I went to Salamanca market for flowers for the first time in a few months, over christmas I was buying peonies from the farmers market and they were so lovely, but sadly only have a short availability time. So it was back to the market, I was looking for tulips but came home with poppies instead. They are so pretty, particularly this double one which is beautiful peach and orange. I hadn't seen a double before.


Little Nan said...

Poppies would have to be one of my favourites! I love the paper like petals, they are gorgeous! And a double one! Oh my!

Olivilla said...

It seems so lovely!
It's funny to me .. there is another salamanca in Spain, for one moment I thought you have travelled here! ;)

Amanda said...

Wow, I've not seen a double one before either, it's beautiful!carela 7