Tuesday, 15 January 2013


1. we had a bbq on saturday night, I've got the sinus lurgy and felt like I was going to die, well not quite that bad, but I didn't feel great. Sunday was the quietest day on record, I watched a movie (Dark Shadows) at 10am on the couch, which is not a me thing to do at all.

2. one of my amazing christmas presents a bag from Castle, it says 'there is enough love and sunshine for everyone', I like that. It's sitting on the little couch in our bedroom so I can admire it.

3. a few weeks ago I had my first ever pedicure, it was pretty darn good and I don't know why I waited so long to try one out.


Sarah B said...

I have never had a pedicure - I had a manuicure once and ended up with an infected finger, so that has put me off a bit!
Your table of food looks lovely, as is your new bag. I like that saying too - very cheery.
I hope you are having a good week x

WSAKE said...

this post looks and sounds like so much fun - even there is some sickness involved - hope you´re feeling better now!

thinking really hard about getting a pedicure come summer...

Amanda said...

I've never had a pedicure either :) Your toenails look lovely and I love your sandals. Love your bag too. Hope your sinus issues clear up soon x