Sunday, 6 January 2013

This weekend

Friday was the hottest day Hobart's seen, and I watched the fire trucks leaving the city from my poorly air conditioned office and felt a bit sick. The bushfires are disturbing and unsettling and while I like it warm 42 is too much for me. So we had a simple nice dinner of bbq prawns and mojitos and then on saturday morning took Jerry to the beach for some cool air. We also visited the mona market for the second week running (Ridgeline Pottery you will be my downfall!) and then today has been the quietest day at home. I think that's a good thing.


Sarah B said...

The heat and the fires have been horrible. Jerry looks to be having a wonderful time - does he go in the water? I am looking forward to being able to take Molly to the beach again.
I'm yet to get out to the Mona market. AM working this wekend so maybe the one after :)

amy w - over and under said...

42? I thought I was melting here at just 32. I'm in NZ's South Island, the whole weekend was scorching. I hope the bush fires are minimal! I'd love to visit Tasmania some day

Michelle said...

I wish I had seen you at MoMa! I haven't clapped eyes on you for ages!

I asked the craft curator not to let Ridgeline back - I cannot resist buying something whenever they are there!

cast stone columns said...

It seems Jerry is enjoying the beach too much! xo
~ Herman Swan