Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The grey long weekend

So last weekend was a long one, which was definitely needed, but it was grey and misty wet, and after all the sun and heat we've had, a bit of a shock to the system. But we made the most of it, headed out to Mona market (I was secretly after some pottery this time around, but probably luckily they weren't there), in the evening we had a wedding/not-wedding (they were already married) at Ethos with lovely food which was fun. I was a teeny bit hungover on sunday so we took a drive south down to Dover, it is very pretty down there, even the wharf is photogenic. Monday was a lazy day, I baked a chocolate cake for no reason whatsoever, which is generally the best reason.


Sarah B said...

Very nice. It was such a lazy weekend, wasn't it? Made me look forward to Easter which is also a very relaxing time. That cake looks delicious :)

lucent imagery said...

Jerry! Love seeing new posts pop up from you dear. Sounds like a lovely long weekend making the most of the rainy weather. Your cake looks amazing! (And reminds me of my big decision trouble I'm having at the moment - we need a new dining table and I can't decide between wood or white. I don't think I've ever been so undecided about an interior decor decision before!)

Lisa said...

Hiya, I love your cake stand... where did you find it? Cake stands should be easy to find... I am doing a hopeless job of finding a perfect one! Any suggestions would be great!