Wednesday, 3 April 2013


I thought I'd share a few things I've been watching/reading/liking lately:

1.  Josh Thomas' Please Like Me on ABC2, was quite sweet and sad and funny and I kinda wish there were more episodes to watch. I hope there's a second series.

2. The Royal Tenenbaums - when we were painting on sunday I felt like watching a Wes Anderson film, Tenenbaums is the one I've seen the least but it really is oh so good. I love that it doesn't matter how many times you see his films, you get something new or see something different each time.

3. Kinfolk volume seven - the cover alone is beautiful. Plus ice cream.

4.  Unfortunately I don't much feel like reading during the week because I do a lot at work, but I started  Grace earlier this year and I'm really enjoying it. She's had such an amazing life and while there is a lot of name dropping it's kinda cool. Plus she does some beautiful little illustrations through out the book.

5. Country Road homewares are always lovely, the winter range is equally good. I need nothing and yet I want everything.

6. Phoenix - hanging out for the new album to be released, just have to wait a few more weeks. The single entertainment is growing on me.


Sarah B said...

We watched Moonrise Kingdom on the weekend, very RT, so quite quirky. You should check out out.
Grace is on my book wish list. I loved her in The Spetember Issue :)

Ribeye Steak generously marbled said...

Ribeye Steak generously marbled