Sunday, 7 April 2013

This Weekend

We had a three day weekend this weekend, which was wonderful and meant that last week was only a two day working week (ideal!). The reason for the extra day was to go to Launceston for friday night to see Robert Plant. He was incredibly impressive and I have to say I think I rather liked his own pieces better than the Led Zeppelin songs (mostly because these had been re-arraged, for example Whole Lotta Love did not have that wraaaaaaang guitar in it at all). So good to go to a nice loud rock and roll concert every now and again, not to mention someone who is of that calibre.

On saturday we had a wander around the town, brought some records, and I saw a cushion with a lovely pom pom on it that I'm really regretting not buying. The rest of the weekend has been home based, we're still clearing up things that haven't been organised since I moved in and it's finally coming together.

Pics are a bit random for this post but I really liked the colours together. The pumpkin is from the farmer's market and was the most unusual colour.


Amanda said...

A two day working week sounds wonderful :) That cushion sounds cute... could you go back for it or was it at a market stall? Having a little catch up on your posts... have been time poor lately and am way behind on all my favourite reads like yours... x

Cara Edwards said...

Ooh I have that Marimekko plate! Well, I bought it for my parents and always give it a good stare when I visit the home base :)