Wednesday, 11 December 2013

some decoration for christmas

Since we will actually be away for christmas this year I thought we wouldn't worry too much about a tree, or any decoration really, but then I've seen some really great ideas on pinterest and I had to do something. So we've got a branch hanging off the wall with fairy lights, and lots of snowflakes and paper fans and honeycomb balls. The brown paper fans were my own creation and they are a little dodgy, but after a rather busy weekend it was great to sit down sunday night and cut up paper. Oh and excuse the skinny wonky candles, I really should get some fatter ones for the candleholder but I keep forgetting.


Alex W Fraser, Rhoda Ross, Alex Fraser said...

interesting christmas photo arrangement, looks beautiful. Enjoy the Season.

Sally said...

I think it looks really beautiful Catherine! Happy New Year to you.

Sally x