Monday, 9 December 2013

Interior Love

This home of Simone Haag as seen on the Design Files, is one of those homes that I keep coming back to. We are still in the very early stages of planning a renovation and while I'm pretty sure our budget is not even vaguely in the same league of Simone's I still think there are a few ideas I'd like to try and incorporate. The light floors and soft walls and greys and blonde timbers. At least I can daydream.


Anonymous said...

It's perfection ain't it just!? I'm obsessed & bought the British Elle to get a peak at more corners.
Hope you share some of your reno pics. I've abandoned my itfollowedmehome blog (hence anon comment - forgot the password!) Have a great Christmas!

Marcio Wilges said...

I'm confounded how those shelves are installed! It would be quite interesting to see house removals try to dismantle it if the owners ever were to move.