Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Summer list:

I've noticed other bloggers (Meet Me At Mikes, Bleubird Vintage and The Day Book Blog) doing list posts and I really like reading them so I thought I'd join in too. So here is a little list of right now, summer!

Making: Christmas cards, paper and hopefully another gingerbread house this year (love Christmas craft/cooking)

Cooking: we'll not really cooking but I intend to make more home-made ice cream and gelato this year. I found the best vanilla recipe last year that is certain to get a re-run

Drinking: Matt's home made ginger beer, it's the best

Reading: The Luminaries and Burial Rites are on my list - any other suggestions?

Wanting: more than I should, but mostly a Mark Tuckey egg-cup stool

Playing: records on our turntable that we've finally got working

Waiting: for the new fete mag to come out later this week, I think this is definitely my favourite magazine at the moment

Liking: the new Arcade Fire album, Lilly Allen song and surprisingly the Lorde album is growing on me

Loving: the evening light, right now it is so golden and lovely

Considering: whether a salad spinner is a necessity or just another plastic thing to go in the nightmare cupboard full of plastic things we never use and that fall out every time you open it. Does anyone else have one? Are they a worthy purchase?

Watching: Hart of Dixie....yep it's not quality tv but it's strangely appealing

Hoping: that summer will be a warm and relaxed one

Mastering: the art of painting, my glass door book cabinet is finally getting an all-white update and the process is tedious to say the least. I hope the adage 'it gets worse before it gets better' proves true cause the current green is proving hard to paint over

Needing: some time away from work and for the Christmas/new year break to come soon

Smelling: the basil in the garden, best smell ever

Wearing: my yellow Georgia On My Mind sandals from Obus

Following: instagram mostly these days, does anyone else find that the move to more use of mobile devices makes commenting on blogs so hard, I think that is sad really.

Noticing: that people seem happier when it is sunny

Buying: Christmas presents early

Getting: back into exercising after bronchitis, it is hard but very needed

Admiring: all the beautiful things in the The Design Files Open House, too bad it's only for Melbourne and Sydney

Bookmarking: lots of house renovation ideas, it might just happen one day!

Traveling: to NSW for the holidays, my first not in Tasmania, I think that's kinda cool

Photo is from our trip to Sydney earlier this year.


pip lincolne said...

Have you read The Goldfinch? I am telling everyone in the universe to read it... I am loving it! It's by Donna Tartt. Loved this snippety snip of your life! Vanilla ice-cream is the best kind...! xx

lucent imagery said...

Ahhh the salad spinner! I know exactly what you mean. I pondered it for a long time, every time I saw my mother-in-law use hers. I've decided it's been a worthwhile purchase for when you want to make a bulk salad to keep for a couple of days - the dryness of the leaves makes it keep much better. LOVE Hart of Dixie too - it's just a charming, easy to watch show. Ooh yes, I think the Donna Hay gelato I made last summer should get a repeat.

miranda said...

I am also reading The Goldfinch - it is hard to put down! Also Cairo by Chris Womersley is a great read.

Our salad spinner gets a work out. Dry leaves = better salad in my book. Someone once told me that the dressing sticks better or something.

Charles Flaum said...

LOVE Hart of Dixie too - it's just a charming, easy to watch show.Picture Lights

Everyday Things said...

salad spinners do an amazing job. Ive had mine for years and years, and when/if it breaks I will get another.... a few spins and say goodbye to soggy lettuce!

Polly (nice kind of blue) said...

You need that salad spinner! Makes all the difference, though I agree takes up a heap of space which is irritating in winter when we hardly eat salad, but you should make room if you can :)

Rosie said...

I love this lovely list... I haven't posted on my blog in ages, but I'm going to go over and write this right away! Ans YES, you need a salad spinner, very very handy. Just a cheapie one, you don't need anything fancy!