Friday, 17 January 2014

Kinfolk natural decor class at Ethos

One Sunday, just before Christmas, I was lucky enough to attend the first Kinfolk event in Tasmania, which was a natural decor class held at Ethos and hosted by Ethos co-owner Chloe and the very talented photographer Sarah Williams. I was a bit unsure if booking a class for a whole Sunday afternoon so close to Christmas was a good idea, particularly given how busy I had been at work. But actually going to that class was such a wonderful decision, it was the most relaxing and enjoyable afternoon I'd had in quite a while. I am still feeling inspired and motivated and I really hope there will be some new events for Tasmania in 2014.

Also Ethos is so photogenic, I love the brown bottle chandalier and that little tin on a tiny alcove, just such good colours!


Little Nan said...

That brown bottle chandelier is very quirky!! Love it!

Sarah Williams said...

You are the sweetest x

Emily Thursfield said...

this is awesome!