Friday, 10 January 2014

Yay Friday!

First week back at work for the year and it's been as busy and brain frizzing as last year was. I thought it would be easy to make changes in my weekly routine, that the new year would automatically bring changes, but this week has taught me that you actually have to work very hard to make that happen!

Anyway one of my favourite things about a new year is picking out a new calendar, I've always loved it for some reason since I was about 10! This year I ordered the Snug Studio calendar in white (top image), which I also put up on my study wall with peach washi tape, and then it promptly fell off about five minutes later… I need to think of some better way to display it (that's the problem when you live in a state with no Ikea, frames are expensive elsewhere).

Also this week I found two really great free printable calendars, the Weekday Carnival one (bottom right) and one by Jasmine Dowling (bottom left) with some great hand lettering. I've printed this one off for my wall at work, which is a rather unpleasant dirty beige colour and needs all the cheering up it can get.

Happy friday!

Snug Studio calendar / Jasmine Dowling / Weekday Carnival


Erin said...

Ooh thanks for the heads up, printing the Jasmine Dowling calendar as I type :)

Sasha said...

Thanks for sharing these calendars! Now I'll just have to look for a clipboard that is enough of a looker.