Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Newcastle Beach

While we only stayed in Newcastle for one night on our way back down to Sydney, I feel like it is definitely a place I would like to re-visit another day, now we have an idea of where things are. We missed out on visiting some of the interesting little stores in Darby Street because we got in too late in the day, so I could go back just for those alone! The next morning after breakfast we went for a walk along the foreshore and it was super windy and wild and the sea mist looked quite amazing. I loved taking these pictures, I could have posted more but I think this is probably enough!


Siobhan said...

Your pics are gorgeous, even if the weather wasn't.

Irene said...

These photos are amazing, I love the colors!

Little Nan said...

I would be happy to see some more!! Amazing images, I love a beach on a not so good day.