Saturday, 14 February 2015

summer list

I have been meaning to blog more lately, but actually since I finished work a few weeks ago I feel like I've had more appointments than ever before! I seem to spend at least half the day out and about getting something done, the other half having a quiet sit down. I thought a list for summer might be a good way to ease back into the blog, and of course today isn't even vaguely summer-like, grey and wet, but that doesn't matter

Making: lots of lists, and slowly making progress.
Cooking: no where near as much as I should. I intend to stock the freezer but I just haven't got there yet....
Drinking: lots of soda water, my brother gave us a soda stream for Christmas and it's been really great.
Reading: recently Matt brought me Nick Hornby's Funny Girl, which I've been enjoying. I don't think it will take long finish, so any other suggestions?
Thinking: that this time between finishing work and waiting for a baby is the strangest time. I am not sure how to take it, I'm not sick but not at work, and also not really on holidays either. I know a big change is on the way, but it is difficult to anticipate what it is going to be like.
Wanting: my feet to go back to normal so I can wear shoes other than birkenstocks and saltwater sandals.
Playing: lots of Bjork at the moment, and Jamie T, and I love Feel Right by Mark Ronson and Mystikal.
Liking: the new series of Parks and Recreation, I wasn't so sure after the first episode or two but it has come together nicely. I will be sad when it finishes.
Enjoying: swimming at the pool a few times a week. I stick to the slow lane and take it easy but it feels good to get some exercise in.
Needing: to have a few more dinners out with Matt.
Wearing: what feels like the same thing over and over again! It's kinda boring when there's no point buying anything new just yet.
Buying: the last bits and pieces for my hospital bag, which is not yet packed and will probably be a last minute scrabble to get ready.
Getting: sad that the days are shorter already and knowing that we are moving to the end of summer.
Feeling: pretty good really, I cannot complain at all, but still very nervous of what is to come.
Waiting: for baby....! (two weeks, give or take, left!)


dear olive said...

The waiting can be such a strange time ... I loved reading this article when I was waiting for Clancy to be born.
So much love just around the corner for you!
Kellie xx

Amanda said...

Such an exciting time for you. Do all the resting you can... you deserve it when growing a baby! And yes, frozen meals are wonderful in those first weeks/months xx