Wednesday, 25 February 2015

my thoughts on pregnancy

I am now 39 weeks pregnant (plus four days) the time has gone very quickly but also it does feel like forever since we found out. I mentioned previously that I probably wouldn't blog about the process too much, I realise that every pregnancy is different and that everyone experiences it in their own way but I did want to write down something for myself as a reminder and memory of this time.

To start with my morning sickness was not enjoyable at all. I felt nauseous pretty much constantly, work was a battle, particularly not being able to, or wanting to say, that I felt unwell and why. I found that a bottle of mineral water in the morning was helpful and a lot of baths at the end of the day too. I certainly never found dry crackers to be all that helpful and tended to find fresh fruit better.

Luckily that feeling dissipated around 16 weeks, and I have to say, apart from tiredness and a few sinus issues that probably only increased that feeling of tiredness,  I was very lucky in the second trimester. I walked to and from work every day until the last few weeks of work where my poor swollen feet made walking home (mostly up hill) unbearable. Now in the third, my feet are still swollen and most of my shoes don't fit (I'm really hoping they go back to normal). I have pretty bad carpal tunnel in my hands in the morning, but on the plus side have had no problems sleeping the whole time I've been pregnant, in fact I've probably never slept better. I find now that I've finished work, I do sleep better on the days I go swimming at the pool and that swimming is pretty much the best thing ever right now, no pressure on my feet, cool-ish water etc, so good!

Generally I have felt pretty even emotionally, which has surprised me, not many tears at all maybe only three or four times, probably more nerves and a bit of anxiety around the whole birth process. I'm not great with change and I do think a lot about how different life will be with a baby, and how it will impact our relationship, but really I think it's going to be pretty lovely!

My pregnancy must haves have been L'occitane pure shea butter for my stomach (I've been so lucky to avoid stretch marks), Birkenstocks, and maternity bathers.

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Melissa said...

Wow, not long to go now! Don't worry about your swollen feet - they'll go back to normal very soon. When I was pregnant with my first I wish someone had told me about the feet swelling that happens AFTER the birth - my feet were huge for a day or two afterwards but then went back to normal. All the best for the rest of your pregnancy and the exciting days to come! m