Saturday, 28 February 2015

the baby's room

I thought I'd share some photographs of the baby's room, which I think I am done with. Until we know whether the baby is a boy or girl at least.....! I have to say it has been really a lot of fun to be able to start completely from scratch with a room, and both Matt and I stand in here when we brush our teeth (it's next to the bathroom) and comment that it is the nicest room in the house.

The rug was the first thing I brought for the room from Freedom, because of the floorboards we needed something a little warming and cosy, and we put an order in from Ikea (yay for shipping to  Tasmania!) for the cot, chest of drawers and change table (which is on the other wall in the room and isn't very exciting to photograph). The grey chair was re-upholstered last year, along with it's mate and a two seater settee, and is really comfortable for a nursing chair.

I found the poster in the last shot via pinterest and knew that I had to have it, it's by Agata Krolak, and I really really love it. I found the little wooden school chair at a local antique shop for $16. All the other bits and pieces I have collected over the last 40 weeks from various webstores and the gorgeous little tan moccasins on the chest of drawers are from Little Scout Co.

I did get some Muuto dots for the walls from Grey and Felt, and Matt had a go at putting them up... but ah it didn't work, and he ended up having to patch up and re-paint the wall, so I think we might just keep them for later when we eventually renovate the house.

All we need now is for baby to arrive!


Elise said...

I just love your blog and your design aesthetic. I am also pregnant 31 weeks now and trying to plan our baby's room as well. Love everything you have done. Curious where did you get the crib from. Also have you figured out what stroller you want?


dear olive said...

It's lovely. Such a calm space. (And reminds me I REALLY need to get in and de-clutter Olive's room!) Kellie xx

Bri said...

Looks gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I love the poster. Where did you get the wooden poster strips to hang it?

Peggy P. Melton said...

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