Tuesday, 28 April 2015

david band at contemporary editions

I have been wanting to post more lately but my computer is in at the mac shop being fixed, so that has left me without the ability to upload and edit my photographs, and I tend to prefer to use my own photographs here where possible. I've also been adapting to life with Elroy since Matt has gone back to work. One week down and we survived and even perhaps enjoyed it!

Hopefully I will be able to collect the computer soon and get back into the swing of blogging, but in the meantime here are some lovely images from the internet! I have been following Contemporary Editions on instagram for a while now and had my eye on the Kirra Jamison print, but then when the store opened I think I fell more in love with the David Band print. The colours are just beautiful. Needless to say unfortunately I won't be buying either due to the fact that I am on maternity leave and  the paid part is about to end.

These images are from Country Road's Live With Us, and I love how the print has been styled so simply with their homewares. I am such a sucker for Country Road homewares.

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Alison Henderson said...

Well, at least your computer is being handled expertly at the store. So I guess you'll just have to wait, though you could retrieve the pictures through the iCloud, if you really need it right now. Anyway, good luck with the computer repair! I hope that would be the last computer-related problem you’ll have to deal in a while. Cheers!

Alison Henderson @ Expert Computer Repair Philadelphia