Monday, 11 May 2015


Time is flying by at the moment, Elroy was two months old yesterday, my birthday has come and gone and so has mothers day, it feels like winter has arrived and we are slowly settling into a routine (as much as is possible).

I plan far more now than I ever used to, even dinners for the week, make lots of lists and there is definitely a lot more strategy involved when leaving the house. This has been interesting and perhaps a bit of a challenge for me, I have always liked certainty and structure, but with a degree of personal freedom and whim thrown in. None of those things fit terribly well with a baby, although I must say I think we are lucky with Elroy as he seems to be a happy, chatty baby most of the time (he's particularly chatty for his night feed, so much so he has been given the nickname Alan Carr), and sleeps well at night. Everyday I feel more connected with him and am already a little nostalgic for his early days, when I think I felt so overwhelmed to fully make the most of it. I keep writing little lists of things about him, and what he does, because I know I will forget these things over time.

I find the amount of time spent sitting down breastfeeding frustrating (I always think of things to do during this time), but in reality I probably used to do it a lot anyway on the internet on my phone or ipad. Plus Elroy looks so sweet when he has what we call his milky coma, and is growing so well, so I can never resent that time. I have started watching tv on a regular basis (never during the day but I do quite enjoy Gilmore Girls at 5:30pm), and my sweet tooth is bad. The house is in relatively good shape, mostly thanks to Matt who has been really so amazing and supportive.

Jerry, our dog, has become the third parent and loves Elroy very much. He shakes with anxiety when Elroy really cries, and gives me such a concerned look, goes into his room to check on him when he sleeps and insists on coming with us when we give the bassinet a roll for settling. Sometimes this is very sweet and sometimes I wish he would just go outside and play!

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ally said...

I miss that breast feeding time...i love bed that sense of having to stop and still and just be there
And I'm love bing Gilmore girls too (and so are my girls)