Monday, 18 May 2015

Craft for the Soul

Since having Elroy I haven't been reading much, well I have a few baby books beside the bed that I read on occasion, but it isn't exactly something indulgent for myself. A few weeks ago I walked the pram into town to meet a friend, and with a spare five minutes ducked into Fullers for a quick look (something I used to do in my lunch break all the time) and saw Pip's book Craft for the Soul. It looked so good, but then I was running late and left without buying it. The whole way through lunch, and on the walk home, I thought about how much I needed to read that book, I called and asked Matt to get it for me on his way home.

I'm only about halfway through, but I am really enjoying it, and it IS what I needed. A little push and encouragement to open up that creative side of my life again after being so absorbed by my day job. Now that I have this time home with Elroy I want to make the most of it, because I think it is so important for me, and because I know I could quite easily spend most of my down time when he is sleeping sitting on the couch on the internet, and that is bad. Instead, some craft and cooking. So thanks Pip for writing such a great book!

Also while on the subject of bloggers books, I also can't wait to get Michelle's book A Table in the Orchard, and try some of her recipes. That's next on my reading list!


amy v / over&under said...

This book looks great, I haven't seen it before. It sounds like a very good way to spend home time with Elroy, wishing you all the best :)

pip lincolne said...

I just googled my book's name and voila! I found this! Thanks so much for writing about my book - and for supporting my work. I am so glad the book is proving useful! Thanks again! x