Wednesday, 8 July 2015


A cheeky, smiley face that frequently greets me when he wakes from his  sleep, he is such a happy boy this baby of ours. Also he has moved from his bassinet to cot now. I feel a bit sad about that, the bassinet was the same one my mum used for me as a baby and has been used throughout her family over the years, but Elroy had grown too big for it so we had to move him on. Fortunately that has been a smooth transition.

I'm slow posting this week because it's been tough. Maybe the toughest one so far, Matt has had the flu and I've been trying to keep things going, but I am tired and cranky. I am so glad to have such a wonderful, caring partner to help me with Elroy and the house. I had not realised how much he supports us. Hopefully we have turned the corner and we can have a nice weekend together.

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