Friday, 10 July 2015

Seven things: for me

A few things on my list for me right now:

1. Aesop hand balm and parsley seed anti-oxidant hydrator  - because I've almost run out!
2. Bateau Stripe Tee - for everyday wear, I like not having to dress for work.
3. Sound and Color by the Alabama Shakes - I played this album on spotify so many times when Elroy was tiny and so I think it will be nice to have in on vinyl for the future as a reminder of that time.
4. Gorman socks - because well, I love socks!
5. Abby Seymour stacking rings - with a baby I've found it is impossible to wear necklaces, earrings and even a watch. But nice simple, and beautiful stacking rings, I could get away with that.
6. Rachel Castle 'You + Me' print - see socks, I love Rachel Castle.
7. Design Letters eggcups - because sometimes I just want a soft boiled egg for lunch to dip toast into and we don't have any egg cups.

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