Monday, 3 August 2015


Elroy at 20 weeks old. My gosh that went fast. He is taking everything in, and is so distracted while feeding because there are far more exciting things happening than that. He is reaching out for us, for Jerry and pretty much everything.

I have felt very tired this last week, maybe more tired than at any other point over the last 20 weeks, I am not sure why, if it is accumulated tiredness or just that it is tiring looking after a wriggly baby who wants to do so much more than he can.

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dear olive said...

Oh Catherine, I think the tiredness becomes cumulative - months of disturbed sleep and months milk making are full on! I've noticed I feel more tired when I eat worse, so keep your nutrient levels up, and hang in there! One day it won't be so full on. Kellie xx