Monday, 14 September 2015


There's a little boy in this weeks photograph rather than a baby, well to me anyway. The sun has come out and my sunshine boy has returned. After the last few weeks of uncertainty and unsettled rhythms, I think we are finally working it out again. Elroy is on the move, up on all fours to crawl, and trying to get on his feet as well. He is ticklish on the insides of his feet and on the tummy, loves it when I make miaow cat noises, has favourite books like the Very Hungry Caterpillar, Who Sank the Boat? and I Went Walking (when we read the ones he doesn't like he grizzles and tries to grab at his book box) loves straps on anything, and when I make phone calls (generally on speaker these days) loves it when I make a bring bring sound. I realise this is just me as his mother rabbiting on, but it is the little things I want to remember. Like that pose up there, trying to pull his lovely shoes off! Always.

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