Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Some non-baby stuff

A post without a baby photo, I know I can't believe it either, it's only been five weeks! I haven't had the energy to blog, or read books or do anything much in my down time over the last few weeks, not that there has been a lot of down time.

Last week I finally went back to the gym (twice), it was so good, I've never enjoyed it so much. To listen to loud music  on the headphones and just have some headspace was wonderful. Even my running was better than I anticipated, I did 5.2kms the second time, running without stopping for 4.5 of that. I know that's not amazing or even very far, and I was super slow, but the last time I ran was in July 2014!

I've found a good simple knitting project to start working on, once I find the right yarn, and I'm thinking I might re-read a classic like Litten Women or Far From the Madding Crowd (the new film version is still playing in the back of my mind). I'm also currently enrolled in the Life Captured visual storytelling class and hoping that will help with my photography, both my skills and my confidence.

Basically I'm trying to claw back some time for myself, because I feel I've got a little buried in all things  baby related. Blog included.

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