Sunday, 20 September 2015

Seven Things: for outside

This week we have finally had some sunshine (well on and off) and it has been magnificent! It really does make me feel refreshed and happy and I am looking forward to spending more time outside. We currently don't have an outdoor setting, and we tend to sit on the front stoop in the blazing sun, which is not ideal with Elroy. I have been thinking a bit about options to spruce up our little paved area so that we have a more functional space. Outdoor settings seem to be outrageously expensive and since we are intend to renovate at some point in the next year, there are many other things we will have to spend money on. I quite like the simple Ikea table and benches above, I don't think they are timber which means no maintenance required, and if after a few years we want to change it up I won't feel too guilty. I truly love the black and white umbrella and lilac hose, how good do they look. Not sure they fit in the budget though. I'm also looking forward to getting a lemon tree to have in a big pot as the tree we planted in the garden withered and died, poor thing. I know us, we still won't have a setting by February next year, but it is nice to plan.

1. Pop and Scott dip pot 2. The Beach People roundie towel 3. Castle and Things yellow cushion      4. Ikea Falster outdoor setting 5.  Made by Tait garden hose 6. Made by Tait umbrella
7.  Ikea glasses and jug

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