Tuesday, 22 September 2015


Elroy hanging out with his Grandma (my mum) and GG (my grandmother), GG calls him Prince Charming and he certainly knows how to work these two in the most lovely way. We visit my grandmother once a fortnight or so for lunch, and I think it is such a special time. I appreciate very much that I have this year off work to do things like this. We were lucky with the sunshine this visit and I took some photographs of them all together.

I remember being a very small child and having my great grandmother (GG's mother) come to visit, apparently she would catch the bus and arrive with a boston bun or something similar, and then later in the afternoon my mum would drive her home. I have kept (and still use) the hankies she would give for gifts, it's a nice reminder of her.

I must also note Elroy's bandaids on his legs from his 6 month imunisations, he was pretty good at the time, a short burst of tears and a very red face, but then smiles for the nurse. He clearly doesn't hold a grudge, although he did refuse to sleep that whole day.

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