Tuesday, 1 December 2015


Adventure baby, always heading off to another room to find something to play with that is completely non-baby proofed. I wanted to write a few things about Elroy at the moment so I don't forget, it seems to easy to forget things as hard as I try not too.

He is:
* making the cutest cat noises (more like a little screech) whenever we get to the scarface claw page in Hairy Maclary
* starting to make the ummm-mum, mama and dadada sounds
* smiling at strangers in lifts, doctors surgeries, supermarkets, shops everywhere. He really really loves people and is very inquisitive
* learning to wave, at the moment with both hands high above his head
* crawling all over Jerry, and getting particularly excited to see him first thing in the morning
* playing with toys more, banging the milk bottles together from the fisher price milk wagon and dragging the truck around
* still loving books, but at the moment it is the Spot books and Dear Zoo, because the flaps are just too much fun, and he is very good at knowing how they work - if a little over-enthusiastic!
* so very lovely!!

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