Sunday, 13 December 2015

seven things: my christmas wish list

1. Week End Club pot 
Love this pot, with its simple black dot. I'd like to put one of those dangly house plants in it. Sadly I am really bad at watering house plants.
2. Karen Walker helter skelter sunglasses
Ok I know I am actually getting these for Christmas, because I have already collected them from the optometrist with my script in them. So glad you can get nice frames for those of us with dodgy eyesight.
3.  Muuto restore basket
I have been eying these off in local store Grey and Felt and I think it would be perfect to keep all my random things in that I use everyday. Plus I could just lift the basket and put it somewhere higher when Elroy is on an adventure mission. See it's practical....
4.  Vedel oak bird
This is not practical, but I have one of the chubby birds and I think he needs a mate to keep him company.
5.  Gravel and Gold boobs pillowcase
After 9 months of breastfeeding I have a strong respect for boobs, plus you know these would probably get past Matt without too much convincing!
6. Post by Bjork
This album, I hate to think how many times I played it when I was about 14/15. It's beautiful, and oh Hyperballad, Headphones, Play Dead and Isobel.....and it is pink.
7.  Blacklist 2016 diary
I haven't had a diary this year, instead I have used a calendar note pad, which is more useful when I am home. Since I'm back to work next year a diary will be essential. Love this one.

I also really love this Lucy Folk love necklace, actually I'm a bit taken with so many items from Lucy Folk at the moment!!

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