Thursday, 4 February 2016

34/52 and 35/52

Week 34: walking walking, very determined and tottering around the house from room to room. The term 'toddler' really actually made sense, I know that sounds crazy but he suddenly changed. Carrying the beach bucket around the house as you do, normally it is the spade (most recently it has been the door snake). While Matt's parents visited he was the perfect charmer that he is, and he coped better with the busy days than last time (although he was only 6 months then).

Week 35: More teeth are on their way, the front top two and a few more down the bottom. He has been surprisingly good so far. I also decided that after sleeping with one arm still tucked into his sleeping bag it was time to go fully arms free. He has been fine, although the first few nap times he spent more time trying to pull the teddies through the side of the cot. He now co-sleeps with Rocky (or Bandit the Racoon, as he appears to be called) on a permanent basis, it is very sweet. Oh and he is very clearly saying Dada and Mama now, and still a sort of variation on Jerry, also a lot of nanana and nununa, no idea what that means although it could be food.

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