Friday, 29 January 2016


It's Friday, the last Friday in January! Ugh, that has gone very very quickly! We have been really busy over the last week, with Matt's parents coming to visit, so I am looking forward to a bit of a quiet weekend. The weather is going to be pretty wet and grey, so I think we will stick close to home, but we do have tickets to see Nick Offerman on Saturday night. I'm really looking forward to it! I had never seen Parks and Recreation until Matt and I got together, and funnily enough we watched the last ever episode just before we went into hospital to have Elroy (there were tears, it was pretty emotional, probably really because we were about to have a baby). Ron Swanson has a special place in my heart.

I've been back in a bit of a cooking mood lately and earlier this week pickled some zucchini's, made a blueberry tart, lamingtons for Australia Day, and Matt baked his sourdough. This weekend I think I'm going to try these strawberry cupcakes because the strawberries have been so good lately. I also want to try out Local Pizza, but we might wait until the weather picks up and take Elroy for an early dinner.

I'm hoping to get back into blogging again over the next few weeks, now our family commitments are over, and I'm looking forward making the most of February!

A few other things:

Sonya found the best tea towel ever (there's only one left!!)

Totally love all the images on le dans la at the moment

I saw Carol last week with friends, and what struck me most from the whole film was the hair! Strange but true.

These shoes, oh man I want these, but gah to the low dollar and high shipping costs!

I love this home.


sonya said...

Blueberry tart please! Thanks for the link :) have a lovely weekend - I love quiet ones!

deeleggett said...

Local Pizza is the best! You will love it.